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Yeah, Same as TitanofFlames. :D

No girlfriend. Valentines Day. Sitting in a small room playing super metroid and smoking a shit load of weed. Going slightly blind aswell!

Its alright though as right at the end of the day, I got a lovely plasma laser! oh and some super missles!

Fuck me Valentines sucked.

I whish that was how the film went!!

THANK YOU! (Pulls out enemy chaser)

good shit


Super combo those big green titties!!
Punch that bitch square in her green face!

Fuck me, captain america is fucking awesome nowadays!
So are you gonna do one of these for each of the characters?

Im definitly getting that shit like!!!

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Interactive Comic book!!

It may as well be, and normally that would be a negative comment, but I love this fucking game.

The artwork is hugely reminiscent of Tony moores artwork for the original 5 (or was it six?) issues of the walking dead. I fucking LOVE tony moores zombies and the way your zombies looks is spot on.

Give your art guy a pat on the back! :D

The story isnt that similar to walking dead, which is a good thing, because you inject way more humour into this. Made me chuckle a few times. Yeah.... Sage is the fucking man!!

And finally, that soundtrack!! Fuck!! I need to download that shit! Thats honestly what I want to listen to in the zombie apoclypse!!

Make another sequel. Pleeeeeease?
go on, you know you want to.

5 out of motherfucking 5 man!!

Cool Mash up

Dead Space Meets space invaders!!

Cool idea but I think you should have made more stages then I would be playing that.

Make a sequel!!

I came up with this idea years ago!!!

Well in my version (which exists in my head) Ryu just starts flying the he flys into r-type or gradius. Nover thought about ken being a mad cannon hadoken guy thing.

Pretty solid gameply with a Killer Idea!!

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Title screen mania!!

This is really good man.

could be in a random NES game I havent played. :D

I like it when its actually REAL chiptune (NES specs) and you've done that pretty well. I cant stand chiptune that claims to be NES Esque when It just sounds like a shit copy of the original.

Anyways, Cool son man, Keep up the good shit!

NickPerrin responds:

Glad you enjoyed it. I've got more 8-bit tracks like this, all following the NES specs, feel free to check them out!
And thanks for the review!

Haha!! Duplicate mania!!!

Its pretty cool as I can vaguely remember just hanging out in town with my older borther, Him the generic warrior dude and me as a bad ass midget dwarf guy.

Buying potions and dulicating shit! :D
Then my heroin addled uncle stole it and got a half quarter of smack.
What a bastard eh?

Anyway I like this remix and am really starting to like your unique style and the fact you make remixes for games where the first level involes kicking the shit out of rats!

VGSongbird responds:

LOL Yeah this one went WAY under the radar, and can get a little old. But I love the melody, so I just had to do something with it.
Thanks for your support! ^_^

Thats well lovely

Its similar to the original but its alot slower paced than it used to be although that is great. Its great how you did MK64's Rainbow road over the SNES as it is only the little bit better.

Its cool how you have managed to make a fantasticly awesome remix, not a shitty cover like I see on newgrounds every other day, Everything manages to blend together and that piano is great, Did you play it yourself?

Also thank you as you didnt go drum and bass because Its fucking rainbow road, Who the fuck partys at rainbow road?!?

Well I'll be keeping an eye on you're work

Oh and one last thing, So do you fancy doing Sky Garden? (Mario kart super curcuit) although I could name a handful of other tracks I'd love to hear remixed,

I dont know why but I love sky garden.

VGSongbird responds:

I'll have to look into that ^_^
And actually, I sped this up a tiny bit from the original tempo. But it does sound slow compared to several of the remixes on this site.
But I'm happy to hear you enjoyed it! And thanks so much for the review.

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I Do. Your Mum!.

Jokes buddy!

Still, I looks as if my NES wants to marry me.

I dont see why though as we have a lovely relationship as it is and I dont want to jump into anything too soon.

Even though it's been at least a 15 years since we met.

Anywho, Thats pretty cool.

How'd you do that>?

ROFLMAO90 responds:

Alot of experimention with layer blending options, blur, and noise.

Pikachu smoking blunts!!

This is pretty cool!

If you were to redraw this and colour it, It would be fucking awesome!

Nice work man!

DarkMatter responds:

Hehe thanks alot, I fully illustrated a thugachu =)

Yeah, Nothing special

I did that last night.

Nah only joking, Nice cock art!!
Rainbow Jizz!! Rambo Jizz?


Rainbow road jizz!!

Hellllllooooo Newgrounders!! Im a animator/illustrator , looking for a project to contribute on! I'll have to see about sticking up a couple of shitey bits of art soon! In the meantime though........ CAT MACHINEGUN!!!

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