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Need some commisions

2011-02-28 07:36:06 by Uzilover91

Fuck, Im working on a Abobo from double dragon piece and a megaman but I need some ideas. So err just drop me a line.

No catfucking.


Why are most newgrounds fans......

2009-10-12 08:14:46 by Uzilover91

Just fucking emo idoits?

I Know there is the old school generation ( My fellow 8-Bit and 16-bit Brothers )
But alot of these fuckers cant even string together a decent sentence!!

Increase you're fucking I.Q!!!

Anywho to the folk who don't ROFL, LOL or LMAO

Hey Hows It goin?

CONTRA!!!!! 4!!!!!

2009-09-18 06:40:34 by Uzilover91


gid shit

Im on Newgrounds BITCHES!!!!

2009-09-07 08:09:12 by Uzilover91